Explore the Top Pool Remodeling Design Trends Taking Over 2020

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2020 is in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what upgrades your poolscape needs. Are you on the hunt for some inspiration? There are a variety of unique pool remodeling and design trends, from built-in bars to darker pool hues, that you can incorporate into your new design. Take a look at some of the latest crazes in the industry to help you craft your beautiful Pebble Technology International® (PTI) pool.

Built-In Bars and Ledges
Pool goers don’t need to be limited to just floating on a raft or sitting on the edge—your backyard resort is meant for relaxation and socializing. What better way to kick back than to have a built-in bar and enjoy a few cocktails with friends? The benefit of owning a built-in bar is that it can be customized to your exact specifications. You can even incorporate benches and barstools into your pool design for additional seating and social space.

Ambient Lighting
Another pool trend that will continue to influence designs in 2020 is the use of lighting within and around your poolscape. LED lights, for example, provide a longer lifespan, more energy-efficiency, and a variety of colors to help spice up your new pool area. This means you can enjoy night swimming in a colorful and visually stunning environment of your choosing. Additionally, outdoor fire pits can be used to enhance your design aesthetic, making your backyard the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family year-round.

Features to Reduce Energy and Maintenance
Most homeowners are concerned about the cost associated with pools, namely maintenance and energy consumption. To help mitigate some of the pricier aspects of pool ownership, it is a good idea to invest in energy-efficient pool equipment—this includes items such as solar heaters, cartridge filters, and variable-speed pumps. Not only will these items save you time, but they will also lower energy costs and be friendlier to your wallet.

Natural Swimming Pools
Today’s consumers are trending toward natural and organic offerings, and the pool industry is no different. Natural swimming pools are an increasingly popular choice for pool owners because they require no chemicals to maintain—instead, they use aquatic vegetation as a natural filter. These pools also don’t need to be covered, drained, or refilled seasonally. Pool owners in warm climates can even install solar or alternative heating systems for year-round swimming.

An extension of the natural pool trend is saltwater. While saltwater pools aren’t anything new, they are starting to become the standard among pool owners. This type of pool offers a variety of benefits that chlorine pools can’t, such as having a softer feel and being gentler on your skin and eyes. Additionally, saltwater pools require less maintenance, making them a popular option for pool owners looking to reduce upkeep costs.

Darker Pool Hues
Most pools have traditionally featured a light blue hue meant to resemble the color of the sea; however, more and more homeowners are choosing to outfit their pools with darker pool finishes to mimic a lagoon-like setting. This isn’t just for looks, though! Dark finishes often retain heat better, which can help reduce your heating cost in cooler months. Another major advantage of darker pool finishes is that they help mask some of the dust and debris that can naturally settle in your pool. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect new finish, PTI offers four unique lines with a variety of colors and customization options to help you create your ideal outdoor oasis.

Did any of these pool remodeling and design trends catch your eye? If you are planning your pool renovation, browse PTI®’s products, including quality finishes and outdoor elements, to craft the perfect design for the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of!