Explore the Top Pool Remodeling Design Trends

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Summer is right around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your pool. If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, there are a variety of unique pool remodeling and design options. From “cocktail” pools to rain curtains, here are some of the latest swimming pool features taking over the industry:

“Cocktail” Pools
These compact pools (less than 400 square feet) are great for small or irregularly shaped backyards. Additionally, cocktail pools are less expensive and can be more eco-friendly. Add-ons like seating, water features, jets and heaters are also available, allowing the pool to double as a spa.

Ambient Lighting
Get glowing with LED lights! With an extended lifespan and energy efficiency, enjoy night swimming in a colorful and visually stunning environment. Additionally, outdoor fire pits can be used to enhance your design aesthetic, making your backyard the perfect spot for hanging out by the pool year-round.

Rain Curtains
Officially known as rain descents or water curtains, a rain curtain is a solid sheet of water cascading into the pool like a waterfall. Visually stunning, rain curtains also provide your backyard with the relaxing sound of falling water.

Sun Shelves
Also called Baja shelves or tanning ledges, sun shelves are flat, shallow areas within the pool. You can leave the shelf as-is or place lounge chairs on the sun shelf, allowing you to relax while staying cool in the water.

Darker Pool Hues
More and more, homeowners are choosing to outfit their pools with darker pool finishes to mimic a lagoon-like setting. Dark finishes can often retain heat better, which can help reduce your heating cost in cooler months. Another major advantage of darker pool finishes is that they help mask some of the dust and debris that can naturally settle in your pool.

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