How To Pick Your Water Color During Your Pebble Tec Pool Renovation

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Did You Know You Can Select The Color Of Your Pool Water?

Pool renovation with PebbleFina pool finish

When deciding to start a pool renovation or build, there are many things you have to consider. From size and location, to the pool finish, water features and enhancements, and the overall design and look. One thing you may not have realized you can select is the color of your pool water. With Pebble Technology International’s® (PTI) Water Color Tool you can select your desired water color and pool texture to get a recommended pool finish to make your dream pool a reality.


Step 1: Choose Your Water Color

The first step in the process to choose the perfect finish and bring your pool water features to life is selecting your preferred water color. Think about the ascetics of your backyard and the way you want to feel when you look into your outdoor space. Are you looking for crystal blue water that is reminiscent of the tropics, a darker blue color that resembles the calmness of deep waters, or somewhere in-between? The color options available are:

  • Deep Dark Blue Water
  • Dark Blue Water
  • Medium Blue Water
  • Green Water
  • Teal Water
  • Light Blue Water

If you’re having trouble deciding, browse the PTI photo gallery for inspiration.


Step 2: Choose Your Finish Texture

Pebble pool finishes are designed to mimic nature by resembling riverbeds and picturesque oceans. Another benefit to their visual appeal is pebble offers a more durable and stain-resistant option than other pool finishes and creates a non-slip surface throughout your pool. Choose from PTI’s five texture options that are perfect for any outdoor space.

  • PebbleTec® The Original – the pool finish of enduring elegance and durability, perfect for achieving a more natural environment for your pool.
  • PebbleSheen® – the most popular pool finish is similar to PebbleTec® The Original, but offers smaller pebbles for a more refined texture.
  • PebbleFina® – provides a smooth finish with superior strength and long-lasting durability, made from PTI’s smallest pebble.
  • PebbleBrillinace® – combines vibrant glass beads and natural stone to deliver a captivating finish and a uniquely brilliant water color.

Step 3: Your Recommended Finishes

Based on your selections from step one and two, PTI’s Water Color Tool will provide you with recommended pool finish options. Each finish consists of pebbles and cement and will vary in color and shade to help you reach the perfect water color for your pool.


Once you have your pool finish selected, you can further customize your pool renovation by incorporating unique glass tiles from PTI’s Finishing Touches Tile Collection or adding finish enhancements. PTI’s pool finish enhancements include:

  • Luminous – a colorful and iridescent glass bead blend that adds a glistening eater effect.
  • ShimmeringSea – a sparkling sea shell blend that adds a subtle spectrum of color to the water’s surface.

There are countless ways to customize your pool renovation to create a beautiful outdoor environment. Use PTI’s Water Color Tool to find your perfect pool finish, and then reach out to an authorized Pebble Tec pool builder to start making your dream pool a reality.