Standard pool plaster is made from a marble-based mix and can be found in many older pools. Plaster is less chemically resistant than an aggregate finish, and is highly susceptible to discoloration, staining and deterioration. As a result, more chemicals may be required to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the finish. A plaster pool usually needs to be replastered approximately every 5 – 7 years and can only be acid washed once or twice before the finish needs to be replaced.

PTI finishes consist of high-performance materials and offer a more durable finish with exceptional stain resistance. Therefore, our finishes are more forgiving than a traditional plaster pool finish. Read more about our finishes by visiting our products page.

We offer four distinctive textures, PebbleTec®, PebbleSheen®, and PebbleFina®. Each finish has its own unique qualities and comes in a wide variety of colors that compliment any pool design and style. Read more about our finishes by visiting our products page.

There are a few ways to ensure you are getting a PTI pool finish. First, request the finish by name when spec’ing your pool design. It is important to know that PTI only offers PebbleTec®, PebbleSheen®, and PebbleFina® brands. Double check that the color and finish type noted on your contract is an approved finish listed on our website before installation. Finally, during installation of your pool finish, you can check the bags of material to verify that the PTI logo and proper finish name are printed on them.

Sometimes, it is assumed that an aggregate finish is a “Pebble Tec” product, leading to confusion after the installation. PTI encourages our customers to do their due diligence to ensure they don’t receive an alternative product.

You can find a wide range of textures starting from higher profile finishes comprised of larger pebbles to smoother surfaces made from smaller natural stones. All PTI finishes offer long-lasting durability and slip resistance. Read more about our finishes by visiting our products page.

PTI acquires the highest quality pebbles from locations around the world, including New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Canada and various regions in the United States. Our independently owned and managed mining and processing facilities provide unmatched quality and consistency in the pebble we use in our products.

Please visit our find-a-builder page where you can search for certified builders and authorized applicators in your area.

Whether you are building a new pool through a certified builder or doing a remodel directly through an applicator, all Pebble Technology pool finishes are installed by authorized applicators who have been trained and licensed by PTI. The PTI Quality Control team provides ongoing support and training to our network of applicators so homeowners can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality material, installation and pool finish available.

Only a certified builder or authorized applicator can provide an estimate for the installation. Price will be dependent on many factors, including your pool design/depth, interior measurements, location and your product/color selection. If you are resurfacing your pool, you may incur additional costs for the removal of your existing finish. Visit our find-a-builder page to contact a builder or applicator in your area.

There are many ways to experience our product offering to help you choose the right finish and color for your poolscape. Visit our image gallery to easily browse by finish type, water color, special features and/or pool shape. If you have a desired water color, use our water color picker tool to narrow down your finish choices. If you want to view water colors in your backyard from your phone or tablet, download the PTI mobile app to view depth charts of each of our finishes. Lastly, we recommend visiting a certified builder or authorized applicator so you can touch and feel samples of the finish before making a final decision. Many pool builders also have model pools on display for your reference.

After registering your PTI pool finish on our website, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to download the full protection plan including start-up and maintenance guidelines. After 30 days, we recommend you follow the National Plasters Council (NPC) guidelines. Salt pools (SWCG’s) and PebbleFina Galaxy finishes should follow PTI’s ‘Start-up and Maintenance Procedures’ instructions.

You should never enter an empty pool. We recommend that you wait until the pool is completely finished, filled and that the water is chemically balanced to start enjoying it. Please refer to the PTI maintenance guidelines for more information.

It is normal for pebbles to come loose during the initial curing process. It is also normal for some small loss of pebbles over time. Maintaining proper water chemistry is pivotal to preserving the integrity of the finish. If water chemistry is not properly balanced, the cement may weaken over time and the pebbles may come loose in larger amounts.

By registering your PTI finish, you will receive a downloadable version of the PTI Protection Plan. The Protection Plan includes an overview of our material and warranty commitment, warranty claim process and important pool care information. The Maintenance Guidelines will help you maintain proper water chemistry for your specific finish in order to ensure longevity and lasting beauty of your pool interior. Lastly, registering your pool finish ensures our team has the proper information should we need it.

The finishes listed on our registration form are the only PTI approved finishes covered by our warranty. There are some exceptions for custom blended finishes that our certified builders or authorized applicators offer. It is always best to verify that these finishes are covered.

If you have a color that is not listed, please contact your builder or applicator to ensure you received a PTI finish and not an alternative product.

There are many factors that influence the final pool water color including, but not limited to: pool depth, day time sun exposure, night time lighting placement, trees and landscaping, decking material and water features (i.e., fountains, jets etc.) Even water chemistry and filtration can affect water color. PTI cannot guarantee that a product sample or image will be an exact match to your finished pool for these reasons. In all cases, allow time for the initial curing process (approximately 30 days) before judging the finish or color.

There are two parts to the warranty: material and workmanship. If it is determined that there is a defect in the material, PTI will arrange for the defective material to be repaired or replaced in accordance with the terms of the limited warranty. If it is determined that there is a defect in workmanship, submit your claim directly to the certified builder or authorized applicator who installed your finish.

The limited warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the homeowner who originally purchased the pool finish. It only applies to materials installed by a PTI authorized applicator.

For more information, visit our warranty information page, email us at or call 1-800-937-5058.

Select finishes may contain seashell pieces such as abalone and mother of pearl that are made from minerals in seawater by living mollusks. Under certain unfavorable conditions, such as aggressive water chemistry, the shells may lose some of their luster and sparkle over time. With proper maintenance and care of your pool, the luster of the shell should last for years.

With the ownership of a new pool comes the responsibility of maintaining proper water chemistry. Maintaining proper water chemistry is essential in preserving the aesthetic beauty of the finish, as well as attaining the expected longevity of the finish. Please adhere to the proper Maintenance Guidelines found in the PTI Protection Plan. After 30 days, the pool water must be maintained per the National Plasterer’s Council for recommended ranges for pH, carbonate alkalinity, hardness, cyanuric acid/stabilizer and total dissolved solids; at all times. Salt water pools (SWCG’s) and PebbleFina Galaxy finishes should follow PTI’s “Start-up and Maintenance Procedures” instructions.

The most common maintenance issue is scaling (a white haze) on the pool finish surface due to poor water chemistry. The water chemistry in your swimming pool and/or spa must be maintained at certain levels to prevent scale build-up. Scale can also trap dirt and debris, further discoloring your finish. Scale removal is not covered by warranty. The most common method for removing scale is through chemical treatment. However, in some cases it may be necessary to drain your pool to remove the scale using chemicals and/or pressure washer. Most authorized applicators will offer this service. We recommend that testing and balancing of the pool water take place at a minimum of once a week. It is also recommended to have the water tested regularly at a retail pool supply store (in some stores, testing is computerized) even if the pool is being cared for by a pool service company.

Other concerns such as etching, discoloration, formation of algae, and staining can all be attributed to improper water chemistry. We cannot stress enough how vital the importance of maintaining proper water chemistry is to the longevity and continued beauty of your pool finish.

Winterization of your pool may be required if your pool water is subject to freezing winter temperatures or the cold temperature region you live in dictates that you must winterize your pool. Your pool builder, applicator or service professional may recommend the pool should be drained as part of the winterization process, which often results in the exposing of the finish to the harsh environment for long periods of time. As a consequence, there is a high risk of experiencing rock loss, cracking, delamination and/or debonding of the finish due to freezing and thawing process, which is NOT covered by the PTI warranty. We strongly advise you to ask your certified builder or authorized applicator for advice before draining your pool.

Yes; however, all repairs and patches should be done by a PTI certified builder or authorized applicator. Please visit our find-a-builder to locate a professional near you. Only PTI materials should be used for the repair or patch needed.

Keep in mind, repairs and patches are not warranted for color match. The age of the finish, UV exposure, and water chemistry can affect the pool surface, making it difficult to achieve a perfect match between existing finish material and the fresh repair material. Over time, repairs tend to blend in with existing surface finish.

While small repairs can be done underwater, most repairs require the pool to be drained temporarily. However, it is very important to contact the certified builder or authorized applicator contracted for the work before draining the pool. Many contracts prohibit the draining of the pool or the service/repair of the finish without first informing them. The builder or applicator may be aware of special circumstances or placement conditions that must be considered, such as a high water table, expansive soil, or other issues that may cause the pool finish to crack, peel, delaminate or de-bond if proper precautions are not taken. The builder or applicator may simply wish to be present at the time of draining or service/repair to supervise the work. Finally, it may void the warranty if unauthorized personnel drain the pool or repair the finish without first informing the contractor.

It is important to refill immediately after service/repair has been completed. Generally, this would be within a 24-hour period of draining the pool. However, if the finish is well bonded to the substrate, if the finish is frequently saturated (so that moisture is maintained within the finish) and if proper precautions are taken, the finish can withstand being drained for several days under optimum circumstances. This should only be attempted under the supervision of a PTI certified builder or authorized applicator.