Yes; however, all repairs and patches should be done by a PTI certified builder or authorized applicator. Please visit our find-a-builder to locate a professional near you. Only PTI materials should be used for the repair or patch needed.

Keep in mind, repairs and patches are not warranted for color match. The age of the finish, UV exposure, and water chemistry can affect the pool surface, making it difficult to achieve a perfect match between existing finish material and the fresh repair material. Over time, repairs tend to blend in with existing surface finish.

While small repairs can be done underwater, most repairs require the pool to be drained temporarily. However, it is very important to contact the certified builder or authorized applicator contracted for the work before draining the pool. Many contracts prohibit the draining of the pool or the service/repair of the finish without first informing them. The builder or applicator may be aware of special circumstances or placement conditions that must be considered, such as a high water table, expansive soil, or other issues that may cause the pool finish to crack, peel, delaminate or de-bond if proper precautions are not taken. The builder or applicator may simply wish to be present at the time of draining or service/repair to supervise the work. Finally, it may void the warranty if unauthorized personnel drain the pool or repair the finish without first informing the contractor.

It is important to refill immediately after service/repair has been completed. Generally, this would be within a 24-hour period of draining the pool. However, if the finish is well bonded to the substrate, if the finish is frequently saturated (so that moisture is maintained within the finish) and if proper precautions are taken, the finish can withstand being drained for several days under optimum circumstances. This should only be attempted under the supervision of a PTI certified builder or authorized applicator.