3 Easy Steps to Planning Your Pool Renovation: From Pool Finishes to Features

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From browsing pool finishes to deciding on the features you want to incorporate into your design, planning a full pool renovation can feel a bit overwhelming. There’s no need to panic, though! Whether you’re updating your style or renovating to fix structural issues in your pool, this is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your style in your backyard paradise.

Decide on Your Renovations

The first step in planning your project is deciding what renovations your pool requires. There are three main categories of renovations you can choose from:

Resurfacing: Pool finishes often need updating after the usual wear and tear of use. Plaster typically requires an upgrade after seven to ten years, and concrete and vinyl must be done every 10-15 years. Aggregate pool finishes last far longer—typically up to 20 years.
Plumbing: If you are renovating an older pool, chances are you’ll have to upgrade the plumbing technology. New filtering systems can help maintain the health of your pool longer, and modern plumbing technology can help reduce the energy and water costs of operating your pool.
Aesthetic: These renovations are often more design-based than functional. Everything from depth and shape to features like water fountains and spas can be altered to achieve the look you want for your backyard resort.


Planning for Your Pool Renovation

Starting the process of planning for your renovation boils down to three main steps:

1. Find Your Inspiration
Having a list of what you’re looking for from your pool renovation can be a huge help in preparing for the next steps. This is your chance to dream up your ideal backyard resort. What features do you want to add? Will you want a spa, fountains, slides, or other fun additions integrated into the design? What size do you want your renovated pool to be? And will you need more depth to accommodate for a diving board or other features?

If you are struggling to picture your dream pool, try looking for a bit of inspiration. There are tons of online resources to help you pinpoint the look you are going for. Browse Pebble Technology International®’s (PTI) gallery, including World’s Best Pools award-winners, to explore your options—we even have an online water color tool to help you visualize your perfect aesthetic!

Sites like Pinterest are also great tools to help you pick and choose the features you want to add to your dream pool!

2. Decide on a Budget
The next step is to settle on how much you are willing to spend on your pool remodel. Renovations can cost anywhere from few hundred dollars to more than $15,000—this number varies greatly depending on both the type of improvements you are wanting and the extent of the project itself. Smaller projects, like updating your pool surface, will cost you far less than extensive alterations like reshaping or replumbing an older pool.

Having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your must-have features for a design that works for you. This will also help you better communicate your expectations with your builder to ensure a smooth process.

3. Find Your Builder
Finding a reputable builder is important for a few reasons. First, they can help you turn your dream pool wish list into a cohesive design. They will measure your backyard and map out the blueprint to ensure your new pool fits not only your style but also the space well. Additionally, they can help you get a better idea of the features your budget will afford you. Be sure to get quotes from multiple builders to help you better decide what renovations you can afford and find the right builder for your project.

If you are on the hunt for a builder to handle your pool renovation, use PTI®’s online tool to search and compare certified builders near you.

Planning your pool renovation—from pool finishes to plumbing needs—is the first step toward achieving the backyard you’ve always dreamed of! Start your planning by browsing PTI®’s products, including quality finishes, enhancements, and outdoor elements, to craft the perfect design for your paradise!