A Look at How Pebble Tec Influences The World’s Greatest Pools

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Proper lighting can enhance the natural beauty of a Pebble Tec pool finish.

When it comes to pool renovations, your design options are endless. Your new pool could be modern or classic. Infinity or edgy. Large or small. Indoors or out. Minimalist or full of fun features. No matter what you decide your pool’s theme should be, the right pool finish can add an extra boost to the ‘wow’ factor. Take a look at how the World’s Greatest Pools use Pebble Technology International® (PTI) pool finishes to enhance each pool’s beauty.


The World’s Greatest Pools

Each year, PTI® searches for pools that go above and beyond in terms of design and appearance. Every winning pool uses one of the many pool finishes offered by PTI® yet how they incorporate that finish is what separates a high-quality pool from one that dazzles the world. Whether the finish was used to enrich the water’s depth and shade or to shine a spotlight on the pool’s design, understanding how the right pool finish can bring your pool up to the World’s Greatest level will leave you happier with your pool renovation.


Enclosed Pools

Enclosed Pools

This winning indoor pool uses the Pebble Sheen® White Diamond to boost its water color. When selecting from pool finishes, pool owners should think about how they want the water to interact with its surroundings.


Despite being enclosed, this pool still manages to tie into the natural body of water outside. The open view of the sky also provides a different tone for the pool water to match. Our White Diamond finish anchors this indoor pool firmly along both hues.

Infinity Pools

Infinity Pool

If you’re going to create an infinity pool, you need to match your pool’s water to the rest of the world to get that classic smooth effect. Here, the Pebble Sheen Ocean Blue runs seamlessly into the ocean beyond.


An uninterrupted view is crucial to infinity pools. Including water features added gentle rippling waves imitating the ever-moving body of water beyond the pool.


Modern Pools

Modern Pool

This Pebble Tec Black Pearl finish reflects the home and sky on the pool surface. This classic pool finish creates a crisp dark tone for the water. The addition of a closely set-in border creates a glassy effect that softens the pool’s edges. Many homeowners who are thinking about pool renovations seek a modern appearance. Minimally interrupting the landscape and other surroundings helps builders achieve this look.


Unique Pools

Pool finishes aren’t the only feature to focus on when designing your new pool. Making space for fun and functional features can also boost your pool’s unique flair and give it a spot in the big leagues. When you’re planning your pool renovation think about what you really want to include. A space for friends to hang out between swims? Roaring fire pits to keep everyone warm on a cool night? Dazzling water features to spark conversation?


This winning design said yes to all of the above! The space around your pool is often just as important as the space within. How you use it is up to you. High-quality PTI® products don’t stop at our extensive line of pool finishes. A variety of concrete fire bowls and water features will enhance any pool’s settings.


The World’s Greatest Pools all have something in common: high-quality products from PTI® and a personal touch. When you’re ready to get started on that pool renovation, you know to turn to PTI® for inspiration. Find the builder nearest you to discuss renovation ideals for your new pool.