Go beyond your pool and transform your entire yard with our outdoor elements. Our outdoor products are designed to match the quality and luxury of our pool finishes, while also offering the same level of customizability. When you purchase one of our bowls, fire pits, or scuppers, you receive the same assurance of long-lasting durability you’d expect from Pebble Technology, along with the maintenance and performance support only our support team can offer. Choose from our selection of water, fire, and planter bowls, fire pits, and scuppers, and elevate your outdoor space.


Fire & Water Bowls

Why choose when you can have the best of fire bowls and water bowls together? This elegant combination serves as a fire bowl while also including a waterspout that pours from just underneath the flames. Huddle around the bowl for warmth while listening to the relaxing sound of running water or watch the waterfall from afar, as lit by firelight. With three stylish designs in a variety of hammered copper or cast stone finishes, you can ensure your fire and water bowl will be the centerpiece of your outdoor space.


Fire Bowls

Whether for warmth or ambience, our fire bowls can transform your yard into an awe-inspiring nighttime entertaining space. Choose from a variety of hammered copper or cast stone finishes in three distinct shapes. Add an extra layer of flair by choosing a brightly colored fire glass or opt for the classic look of lava rock. No matter what you choose, all eyes will be on your fire bowl.


Water Bowls

Give your pool its own personal waterfall with a water bowl. Enjoy the calming sound of rushing water without the maintenance or cost of a landscaped waterfall or fountain. Match your pool finish with a cast stone surface or add some shine with a hammered copper option. Whether you add one or three, your water bowl will do wonders for your outdoor space and your relaxation.



Add vegetation without the need for a landscaper with a poolside planter. More elegant than a simple hardware store pot, our planter bowls match the luxurious design of our fire and water bowls with options in cast stone and hammered copper. Whether you want to brighten up your yard with some flowers or create a lush paradise to rival the hanging gardens, our planter bowls are up for the task.


Planter & Water Bowls

Combine your pool water feature with your landscaping with a planter and water bowl. These decorative features provide the same design options as the individual planters and water bowls, but allow you to fill the bowl above the cascade of water with vegetation. Bring the best of nature into your backyard with a planter and water bowl.


Fire Pits

If you’d prefer your fire feature to have the backyard campfire feel, a fire pit may be just what you need. Our fire pits are as smart as they are gorgeous, boasting optimized ventilation systems and automated electronic ignition options to get the fire started and keep it roaring. Choose from two hammered copper options or a variety of cast stone finishes, and select the perfect size for your outdoor space. Whether you’re hosting a summer soirée or a holiday party, your friends and family will gravitate around your fire pit.



If you want the calming waterfall effect without adding any additional decorations outside of your pool, our scuppers are the way to go. Control the look and sound of your water features by selecting from three flow options and a wide range of sizes. Highlight the beauty of the copper with a scupper that protrudes further, or go with a more discrete option that stays mostly concealed within the pool wall. No matter what you choose, your scupper will provide an extra layer of elegance to your Pebble Technology pool.