Decorative Media & Burner Inserts

Our selection of glass and lava rock allows you to create the perfect outdoor fire pit. Use them alone, or mix the colors of glass to create a truly unique look.

Fire Glass

  • Available in 6 elegant jewel-like colors
  • Offered in ¼ – ½” glass size
  • Tumbled glass is designed for long-term heat resistance
  • For use with natural gas only*
  • A mesh screen is required and is included with all PTI fire glass media purchases

*NOTE: PTI does not sell fire glass for propane applications due to safety concerns.

lava rock pool fire bowlsLava Rock

  • Great for rustic and earthy styles
  • Offered in 2-3” rock size
  • Rocks are tumbled for a smooth finish
  • For use with natural gas or propane

What’s inside matters. Have peace of mind knowing the equipment inside your pool fire bowl has been reengineered to give you the best performance and safety available.

Burner Assembly

  • Patented flame monitoring technology is proven and reliable in adverse weather conditions
  • Each unit is factory tested for safety
  • Made of high grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Available in natural gas or propane
  • Open-top pilot box is required for all fire glass media applications
  • CSA approved

Transformer Panel

  • Required and included with every automated electronic ignition burner assembly
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with any pool operating system
Transformer Panel

Automated Electronic Ignition

  • UL control module

Mounting Brackets and Support Plates

  • High precision, laser cut hardware ensures a secure and stable installation
  • Designed to be breathable and to prevent overheating – open ventilation allows for a richer and cleaner flame
  • The media support plate is custom designed to provide a secure and stable flame bed

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