What’s inside matters. Have peace of mind knowing the equipment inside your unit has been reengineered to give you the best performance and safety available.

Transformer Panel


  • Required and included with every automated electronic ignition burner assembly
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with any pool operating system

Burner Assembly

  • Patented flame monitoring technology is proven and reliable in adverse weather conditions
  • Each unit is factory tested for safety
  • Made of high grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Available in natural gas or propane
  • Open-top pilot box is required for all fire glass media applications
  • CSA approved

Automated Electronic Ignition

  • UL control module

Mounting Brackets and Support Plates

  • Mounting brackets and hardware are designed to resist corrosion
  • High precision, laser cut hardware ensures a secure and stable installation
  • Designed to be breathable and to prevent overheating – open ventilation allows for a richer and cleaner flame
  • The media support plate is custom designed to provide a secure and stable flame bed

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