Q & A with the PebbleTec Team

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Social Media’s Most Asked Questions

Each month, we get great questions from homeowners on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. We thought it would be fun (and helpful!) to share them with you for our first-ever Q & A blog. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received this month. Let’s dive in!

Q: Do you have any examples of your finishes? Where can I see what each finish looks like on an actual pool?

A: Yes! We are always updating the gallery page on our website and you can also take a look at our previous World’s Greatest Pools books. Additionally, we have a large library of examples on our Pinterest page.


Q: If I want to add a PebbleTec firepit to my backyard and replace my pool’s current water bowls, will the new products be compatible with my existing automation system?

A: To make things easy, we’ve designed all of our outdoor elements to be compatible with most pool automation systems.


Q: Is there a big difference in water temperature between finishes?

A: No, the temperature difference is not significant so you can choose from any of our finishes types and colors.


Q: How do I care for a PebbleTec pool? What chemicals are ok to use?

A: Check out our PebbleTec Do’s and Don’ts page for complete care instructions.


Q: Do your Outdoor Elements have a warranty like your pool finishes?

A: Yes, just like our finishes, Outdoor Elements are backed by PebbleTec’s warranty and customer support.


Q: If I currently have a pool finish that is not PebbleTec, can I replace it with a PebbleTec finish?

A: Yes, if you have a plaster, tile or aggregate finish, you can replace it with PebbleTec.


For more FAQ’s on pool repair, maintenance and more, visit our In the Know page.