Find Your New Favorite Pool Accessory (And Learn How to Store It)

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Exciting pool water features such as waterfalls can add to the fun.

There are a lot of details to consider when undergoing a pool remodeling. But after everything is done and your brand new Pebble Technology International® (PTI) pool is finally complete, do you still feel like you forgot something? Maybe the pool toys and floats? Today’s pool toys go far beyond just a simple Frisbee or beach ball. Now, there is something for everyone in the family. Check out these popular items that are sure to make a splash and ramp up the fun along with your new pool water features.


1. Unleash Your Inner Ariel

Mermaid tails are all the rage. Swimmers sporting the latest trend are popping up across Instagram and Pinterest feeds. As their popularity grows, it’s easier than ever to find your perfect tail. Whether you’re looking for one for yourself or for the little princess in your life, mermaid tails are widely available in all colors and sizes.

Part-time mermaids will get a kick out of swimming along the gentle currents of your new pool water features.


2. Man’s Best Friend

Don’t think your four-legged friend has to sit out on the fun! This pool float gives your pup a chance to chill in the water during the dog days of summer. The extra durable material should withstand any claw marks.


3. Go Quirky

Fun, quirky animal floats have been making a regular appearance over the past few summers. It seems like every year there’s a new trendy animal inflatable to relax on. This year, embrace the magic of the unicorn. Waterfalls and other enchanting pool water features will make the mythical creature and its rider feel right at home.


4. Safe Swimming

Introduce the smallest member of the family to the water safely with a float for infants. Moms and dads can enjoy the pool while supervising their little one. The canopy helps shield delicate skin from the harsh sun.


5. Relax in Comfort

Adults simply seeking a quiet, relaxing afternoon can enjoy their new pool remodel in peace. Chaise floats let you sit comfortably in the water and even offer a handy place to hold your drink.
Trying to make more room for guests? Pick out a small hammock that takes up less room while still letting you float.


How to Protect Your New Favorite Float

Whether it’s a unicorn or a raft, making your pool floats last can be challenging. During the summer, or whenever you’re using the floats daily, simply store them in a safe location. DIY a PVC storage rack to make a space that you know will fit your floats. Smooth PVC won’t create friction that could tear thin rafts or floats. Just be sure to secure the floats on the rack and place it in a shaded area. Sunlight can fade colors, weaken the material, and reduce the air pressure inside the float.

When pool season is over, it’s time to prepare your float for storage. Properly storing your float during the winter can increase its lifespan. First, set your floats out to dry. Once they are dry, deflate them. Use a straw to speed up the process. If you still have the box the float came in, neatly fold it and place it inside. Otherwise, wrap the float tightly in a blanket or cloth sack to protect it from any tears.

Details can be the difference between a regular day at the pool and the stuff memories are made from. If our top pool floats have got you thinking about adding some new fun pool water features, contact a builder near you to get started on your pool remodel.