Why You Should Open Your Pool Now to Make the Most of the Season

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If you’re planning on a pool resurfacing, you’ll want to open your pool early in the season.

Opening your pool up for another year is always an exciting time. The start of a new pool season brings anticipation of memory-making moments, fun, and activity.
It could also bring attention to a much needed pool resurfacing. But just because you’re eager to get started on installing that new surface, does that make now the right time to pull back the cover?


Mother Knows Best

Mother Nature that is. The right time to open your pool for another season is typically when local temperatures average 70°F (20°C). For most people in the northern hemisphere this occurs somewhere between April and May. If you’re looking for a specific day that’s easy to remember, many people use Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial kick off.

Even if you’re not planning on enjoying the warmer temperatures immediately, you should probably open the pool anyway. If you wait too long to open your pool up, algae can begin to thrive under the cover.


Get a Head Start

Do you remember what your interior surface looked like before you covered it up last winter? Odds are if you weren’t pleased with the state of it then, you’re overdue for updating your pool. .

Remodeling projects can take anywhere between several weeks to a couple of months to complete (depending on the size of your pool and the scope of work to be done). So, if you’re planning a Memorial Day party, you will want to pull back that cover sometime in March.

Besides, showing off a sparkling new interior finish is definitely an excuse to throw the first pool party of the season once the weather hits peak swimming temperature.


The Five Steps of Opening a Pool

Ready to go? Here’s what you need to do before you pull back that cover.

First, timing is key. Don’t expect to be able to jump into the deep end on the same day. The water needs to be tested and chemicals slowly rebalanced to bring the pool into the proper ranges. Set aside several days for testing, adding chemicals and brushing before you plan to get in.

  1. Clear the cover before you pull it back. Remove any dead leaves or debris that piled up so the mess doesn’t fall into the pool. Then, clean the cover itself, fold it up nicely, and place it in storage.
  2. Add additional water.
  3. Check the filtration system (plumbing) for leaks and circulate the pool 24/7 until the pool is properly balanced. Backwash or clean the filter as necessary to prepare for the season.
  4. Head to your local pool store to get your water tested if you do not have a complete test kit. Test strips cannot give you the proper readings to rebalance the pool water.
  5. Brush the pool surface to remove any algae that may have accumulated on the pool surface. Continuous filtration and frequent brushing will help remove the algae from the water as well as assisting with the dissolving of the chemicals

Opening season brings a lot of joy to every pool owner. Just remember that when you open your pool, it’s been a few months since it had any attention. A thorough check of the filtration system and serious monitoring of the water balance will get your pool ready for people again.

Are you ready to jump-start the season by updating the look of your pool? Before another swim season officially gets underway, search for a Pebble Tec International® certified builder near you to install a new beautiful, high-quality interior finish.