Sun Safety Tips Every Pebble Tec Pool Owner Should Know

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Shade is one of the best sun safety tips for you and your pool finish.

One of the best ways to keep cool in the summer is swimming in your Pebble Tec® pool. When you spend hours outdoors, it is important to stay protected from powerful sun rays. Don’t let harmful UV rays cause long–term health concerns . Follow these simple tips to keep everything you care about safe all summer long.


Stay Safe

Even if there are clouds in the sky, you’re not in the clear. Sunlight reflects off clouds the same way it bounces off clear pool surfaces. Avoid the most dangerous parts of the day by staying inside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when harmful rays are at their peak. These rays can lead to annoying problems like wrinkles and age spots, and can lead to serious conditions like skin cancer and eye damage.

Keep yourself and loved ones protected from head to toe by utilizing sun safety gear. Wear sunglasses with UV protection, grab a hat to provide additional shade, lather up with sunscreen, and roll on a lip balm with SPF.

When selecting a sunscreen, lotion offers stronger protection than spray-on. Additionally check the expiration date, as sunscreen is less effective when expired. For further insight, review these top sunscreen brands recommended by dermatologists.


Fido, too

Your four-legged friend is also susceptible to sun damage. Protect your pup by limiting their time in the sun — especially during the afternoon hours — and using dog-approved sunscreen. If your dog will wear it, a lightweight shirt can add additional protection and booties will keep their paws from burning.


Protect Your Pool Finish

UV rays can also have a negative effect on your chemical levels, which could affect your pool finish. Long-term exposure to sunlight and evaporation reduce the effectiveness of pool chemicals. Sunlight and temperature can leads to the breakdown of chlorine more quickly than in the cooler months. Test your pool water weekly to ensure the proper chemical balance. Correct chemical levels will also keep your pool finish protected against bacteria and algae growth.


Don’t Forget the Decor

Did you know plants can get sunburns? If the leaves look white or wilted, it’s a sign the plant is getting too much sun exposure. The best way to prevent this is to keep the plant well-watered and layer mulch above the roots to stop moisture from evaporating. If damage has already been done, move the plant inside during peaks hours, or purchase a shade cloth from a local garden store to shield it from excess sunlight.

Outdoor furniture is expensive and not always build to last. Avoid fading and sun damage by increasing the amount of shade you have in your backyard. There are some simple do it yourself projects to create shade in your outdoor space. Gather the dog, the kids, and the plants in the shade, then kick back and relax.

Has the sun taken a toll on your pool? Contact us today to find out why Pebble Technology International® is home to The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes™.