How to Incorporate Pool Water Features Into Your Outdoor Thanksgiving Celebration

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Thanksgiving Poolside

If you’re used to Thanksgiving indoors, why not consider trying something new this year? Take the party outside and incorporate your favorite pool water features from Pebble Technology International® (PTI) for a memorable dining experience everyone will enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of a few ideas you can use to create an unforgettable holiday celebration in your backyard oasis.

Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space

Spruce up your outdoor living area with festive fall-themed decorations. Hay bales, pumpkins, and flowers in planter bowls are all great choices. Since the sun sets earlier in November, string some lights around trees and other outdoor features to brighten the space up and add a touch of elegance. If your pool is closed but not covered, you can add some floating pool lanterns or candles to the water for a more festive environment. For a more dramatic ambiance, try changing the color of the lights in your pool to create a fun show for your guests.

Set up the Seating

Aside from decorations, seating arrangements are one of the first aspects you should tackle when planning an outdoor Thanksgiving. Outdoor dining sets make for the perfect place to host a festive gathering—however, if your table isn’t big enough for your holiday crowd or you don’t have an outdoor set, there’s no need to despair. You can always sprinkle tables and chairs around the backyard for a temporary setup. This also provides a great opportunity for guests to mix and mingle.

Desserts by the Fire

Bring the dessert course out to your concrete fire bowl to watch the stars twinkle in the night sky while you dine. Provide some skewers and let your guests make their own s’mores—you can even add pumpkin filling for a new spin on a classic recipe. Don’t forget to grab a few blankets, though! Not only will the extra warmth keep your guests cozy, but it will also provide a nice gathering place after a long day.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Does your family gathering include lots of little ones scampering around? Trying to keep them all entertained can be a challenge. Transform your beautifully designed pool into a dive-in movie with a screen and projector. Make a splash with some inner tubes or pool loungers for added comfort while the film plays. You can even include some pool games for a bit of extra fun for the entire family! For those in colder states where a November dip isn’t ideal, your pool will still make a stunning backdrop for some lawn chairs and the big screen.

Post-Dinner Cocktails by the Pool

While the kids are enjoying a holiday movie, adult guests can cap the night off with a cocktail or some coffee by the pool. You can curate a menu of Thanksgiving cocktails featuring fall flavors, original recipes, and classics for a relaxing evening. Your stunning pool water features and decorations will provide a rich ambiance for your guests to sip and relax after a long day of festivities.

With PTI®, transforming your outdoor Thanksgiving celebration into a tradition is a breeze. Our products are crafted with the finest material to provide homebuyers with long-lasting beauty and quality—your backyard resort will be ready for the holidays year after year!

PTI®’s extensive inventory of stunning pool water features is only the beginning. Are you ready to transform your backyard oasis into the ultimate entertaining space? Explore our unique outdoor elements lines to find the perfect details to round out your custom design!