How To Throw An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

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Pebble Tec copper fire bowl

When you think of New Year’s Eve, confetti, noise-makers, champagne, and new beginnings come to mind. If you think back, you can likely still remember your favorite New Year’s Eve — where you were, who you were with, and that special someone you shared a midnight kiss with. This annual event is a night to make memories, celebrate the past year, and look forward to the year ahead. Help your friends and loved ones make this New Year’s Eve a night to remember by hosting an unforgettable party. Brush off the pool cover, light up your outdoor fire pit, and follow these tips to make an evening worth remembering.


Start With the Decorations

Get in the party mood by transforming your outdoor space. During the summer, your pool is the center of entertainment, and with a glowing balloon arrangement it can take center stage at your New Year’s party too. All you need is balloons, glow sticks, and water to light up your pool. Put a glow stick in each balloon, add a little bit of water, and then blow up the balloon to the size of your liking and place them in your pool. As the evening turns to night, your pool will glow into the New Year. If you’re feeling extra creative, arrange the balloons into the number 2018 for an extra festive touch.

Add other decorations both outside and inside, including streamers, fun clocks, tinsel, and even make a noisemaker centerpiece. Don’t forget the sparklers — they will add the perfect amount of glimmer to your party at midnight.


Set the Mood

Depending on the size of your backyard it could be beneficial to have multiple fire features to ensure guests are warm and that you are utilizing all of your outdoor space. If you don’t already have an outdoor fire pit, opt for a Pebble Technology International® (PTI) Fire + Water Elements copper fire bowl. This piece offers more than warmth for your guests, as it also becomes a decorative piece. Fill your copper fire bowl with either fire glass — in six colors you can mix and match —or lava rock to compliment your backyard décor. Once you have your fire features set, it’s time to think about seating.

The best part of a party is conversing with friends and meeting new people. Entice guest to chat up other party goers by arranging seats around your fire features. Guests will be naturally drawn to the warmth, and setting chairs in a circle will make the area conducive to having a conversation.

String lights around your patio or awning, rent extra space heaters, and turn on any landscape lighting to make the space welcoming.


Party Activities

There can’t be a New Year’s celebration without confetti. But if you offer it to guests, it would probably take you until 2019 to remove all of those tiny pieces of confetti from your yard and pool. Instead, choose one of these eco-friendly confetti alternatives to keep your backyard clean and your guests happy.

It goes without saying that your guest will likely have their New Year’s Resolutions on their mind as they celebrate. Give them the opportunity to share — if they want — or secretly hold themselves accountable. Stash some fun paper, pens, and envelopes labeled with “2018 New Year’s Resolutions” around your party so guests can write down their goals, seal them up, and save them to open next year.


Save the healthy eating resolutions for New Year’s Day and give your party-goers delicious food and drinks. Keep the set up to a minimum by selecting finger foods and leave the utensils behind. Try some of these New Year’s themed menu items. You don’t have to wait until midnight to break out the champagne. Sip it all night long with one of these champagne cocktails. Also offering nonalcoholic beverage options will make sure all of your guests can celebrate New Year’s Eve with a delicious drink in hand.

While your guests are mingling around the outdoor fire pit give them something to talk about by elevating your dessert game. When people think fire, many also think s’mores, as this delicious, yet sometimes messy, treat is a party favorite. Take it up a notch, and give your guests the comfort of no mess by offering s’mores in a cone. Provide different filling options and take note of the best combinations.


No party is complete without music. Use your guests to help you create a New Year’s Eve playlist. When your guests RSVP, ask them to write down two songs: one that could be their theme song for 2017 and one they hope will be their theme song in 2018. You can also make a game out of trying to guess which song belongs to which guest, or burn the 2018 songs onto CDs as a great party favor.

For all of those not in the Eastern Time Zone, be sure you have a television inside set up to watch the “Ball Drop” in Time Square — or better yet, bring the television outside so your guests can enjoy the early celebration near the comfort of your outdoor fire pit.

We hope these tips help you throw an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party. If you wow your guests with amazing decorations, delicious food and drinks, and sent them off with party favors it will be sure to be a party for the books. Just remember to keep your guest warm. Find the perfect copper fire bowl or search the other PTI® Fire + Water Outdoor Elements for a fire feature that elevates your outdoor space.