The World’s Greatest Pools Have One Thing In Common: PebbleTec Pool Finish

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The World’s Greatest Pools Contest 

As a driving force for transforming the pool remodeling and building industry, Pebble Technology International® (PTI), knows a thing or two about great pools. To acknowledge and celebrate excellence in pool design, PTI created The World’s Greatest Pools Contest in 2011. PebbleTec® pool finish owners are invited to submit an application and photo of their outdoor space to be reviewed by a panel of experts from the consumer outdoor living, real estate, and construction marketplace for the prestigious title of World’s Greatest Pool.


Winners are selected biannually and receive the grand prize of having their pool featured in the annual World’s Greatest Pools hardcover book. The book showcases beautiful outdoor living environments featuring custom pools using The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes® and the original, time-tested formula only found in PTI superior quality pool finishes.


Submission Criteria

Does your pool have what it takes? Check out the submission criteria:

  • The pool or spa must have a Pebble Technology® pool finish
  • You must identify color, finish, and applicator
  • Submissions must include a high resolution photograph in JPG format
  • Only one photo can be submitted per form. Additional images can be emailed after completing your submission
  • Judging is based on original photography only
  • Ensure your photo is free of people and clutter (no hoses in pool, towels laying out, etc.)

Submissions are judged solely on the overall presentation of the pool design and the surrounding environment. Each winning pool is truly a representation of quality craftsmanship, design excellence, and endless inspiration. If this sounds like your outdoor space, enter your pool by completing the submission process.


If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor space, PTI can help. Browse our gallery to get inspired for your pool remodel, search our visually stunning, nature-inspired pool finishes, and use the Water Color Picker to make your dream pool a reality.