This National Swimming Pool Day Align Your Pool’s Aesthetic with the Very Best

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When you think of the world’s most amazing swimming pools, high-class resort pools that fill the space with copper scuppers and water bowls, secluded retreats buried deep in the mountains, and Olympic-size training pools are probably the first images to pop into your head. And you’re not far off.

Here are our top five picks for World’s Most Amazing pool:

Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah
The pool at this 5 star luxury resort was built around a rock formation that is millions of years old and hidden deep in a protected valley.

Enchantment resort in Sedona, Arizona
Set against the beautiful red rock mountains of Sedona, guest can soak up the sun and scenery as well as some drinks from the nearby bar.

San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile
The world’s largest swimming pool is not only a Guinness record holder, it also boasts crystal clear water for all of its 3,000 ft.+ long span across the Chilean coast.

Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello, Italy
This infinity pool will make you feel as though you were on top of the world… which you kind of would be since it is located on the highest point in Ravello.

Temple House Hotel in Chengdu, China
This indoor pool owes a portion of its beauty to the natural lighting that filters in from the overhead skylight.

What do all these luxury pools have in common?
The answer is connection and relaxation.

Here’s how you can amplify both of those qualities in your pool:

All of these pools, in some way or another, connect their experience to the landscape. The Amangiri literally built itself around the landscape, and the Temple House Hotel incorporates the natural lighting of the outdoors despite the walls surrounding the pool.
So, what can you do?
If you have any bulky umbrellas or shades surrounding the pool, consider moving them to one side so that your view from the water is undisturbed. Otherwise, if you can’t make your pool feel closer to nature, bring nature closer to you. A copper scupper or pool water bowl will turn your pool from flat to vibrant as the sound of trickling water ties nature back into the scene. Arrange some potted plants along the poolside. It also wouldn’t hurt to give your pool a deep clean to make the water as sparkling as the water in the San Alfonso del Mar resort.

Another trait these pools share is that they are all located in resorts and hotels. Take self-care to a new level and turn your pool into your personal luxury spa. Upgrade all the items that you need for pool time (and not those necessarily for the pool itself).
Whatever it is you recall with fond memories when you think back to your last visit to a resort, make a point to bring that into your home. Purchase a set of new ultra-thick, ultra-cozy towels. Get a fluffy robe to match as well. Wear it as you sip a cocktail and snack on a fruit and cheese tray on your poolside recliner.

Take a note from these top-class swimming pools around the world then let Pebble Technology International® help you make your pool one of the top contenders. Our copper scuppers and pool water bowls will enhance your already existing personal backyard resort and bring in the natural beauty to your pool.