How Circulation (and a Pool Scupper) Can Save Your Pool from Freezing Temps

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Freezing winter temperatures can ruin any pool. Thankfully, the consequences of freezing temperatures can be avoided with some forethought and a pool scupper (or two). Save yourself the headache by adding a few quick and easy precautions to your winter pool care routine to protect it from harm. Your pool will thank you for it.


Circulation, Circulation, Circulation


Pool water freezes when the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and stays there for a prolonged time period. If the temperature drops below freezing in your area, you can often avoid ice from forming with good circulation and water surface disturbance. Since pool water freezes from the surface down, a pool scupper helps reduce the potential of ice forming by boosting surface circulation.


The continuous flow can break up any ice crystals and stop them from growing so large they cause damage to the skimmers. Pebble Technology International® (PTI) has created a variety of copper pool scuppers made to suit every pool. The high-quality materials used in these scuppers are made to withstand natural elements, including freezing temperatures.


Stay on Top of Weekly Maintenance


The pipes run the highest risk of becoming damaged during a freeze. Check your pool as cold weather approaches. Make sure the water is clean, the chemicals balanced and leaves are cleared from the skimmers and floor of the pool.

Even though you might not plan to use the pool during the winter, the pool water level and water balance still need to be maintained to avoid damage to the interior finis and equipment If the water sinks too low, the pool skimmers are also at risk of freezing and breaking, which can disrupt water flow to the equipment.


Pool scuppers are designed to be on display all year long. The circulation it creates is a bonus on top of the beauty and charm it can bring to the aesthetic appeal of the pool.


There’s no need to fear the winter months. Search for a builder near you and find one to install a PTI® copper pool scupper to add circulation (and charm) to your pool.