Keep Your Pool Spotless and Help your Pebble Tec Pool Finish Sparkle All Summer Long

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Keep Your Pool Spotless and Sparkling All Summer Long 


With summer fast approaching, you’re most likely preparing to break out the swimwear and stock up on sunscreen. Just as you’re concerned about protecting your skin, you need to think about protecting your pool. Whether you have a pool liner or a pebble pool finish, your pool is subject to harsh outdoor elements that can wear its beautiful exterior down. Follow our two-step approach to help your pool defeat the mess and stay sparkling under the summer sun.


Regular water treatment is the first step to maintaining a beautiful pool. A quick test will let you know the status of your water and what it needs to stay in good working order. Use a variety of chemical to keep the chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels of your water balanced. Head to your local pool store if you have any questions about which chemical will help you achieve balanced water.

Chemical Tips

Another important factor is storing your chemicals properly to ensure they are in good condition and will work properly. Always keep the chemical in a safe, secure, and dry area. When adding chemicals to your pool, be sure to let the treatment circulate to avoid staining the pool liner.

Account for Weather

Additional treatment may be necessary based on the weather. Rainstorms and extreme temperature can deplete the chemical balance quickly. Likewise, the amount and frequency of swimmers can change the balance as well. Did you notice algae or murky-looking water? Stay on top of the water’s condition with consistent testing and treating your pool as necessary. Keep an ear out on your swimmers and if there are complaints about burning eyes, it’s a sign your water needs to be addressed.

Well balanced water will have your pool sparkling, but you don’t have to rely on the water alone to achieve that perfect hue. Pebble Technology International’s® (PTI) Water Color Picker tool gives you the opportunity to choose your ideal water color by recommending the perfect pebble pool finish to achieve your ideal color.


You can stop the worst of the offenders from dirtying up your water by investing in barriers that stop debris from entering the pool. The most useful item every pool owner should have in their possession is a skimmer. Take a few minutes each day to go around your pool with a skimmer to remove any leaves or other debris that would otherwise sink down and muddy the water.

If you’re planning a long stretch away from home, invest in a cover that will span the entire pool. A good sturdy cover will stop any debris and will also come in useful during the winter months when you close down your pool.

These two easy preventative measures can keep your pool looking beautiful all-season long. Want more advice? Check out some additional pool care instructions to make the sparkle last on your Pebble Tec pool finish. If your pool liner is showing some wear and tear, consider upgrading to a pebble pool finish for a more durable option. Contact us today to get started.