Don’t Let Scale and Stains Dull Your Pebble Tec Pool Surface

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Scale and stains can dim the natural gleam of a pool surface over time.

Every pool finish from Pebble Technology International® (PTI) has a natural aggregate appearance. Whether you have an elegant Pebble Brilliance® or refined Pebble Sheen® finish, each pool surface interacts with the color and texture to enhance the appearance of the water. However, scale and stains can dull the beauty of any pool.


What Causes Scale?

Scale is a build-up of mineral and metal deposits that form either on the interior surface or around the waterline tile. Prolonged exposure to scale can stain or mar  the waterline. The main cause of scale is unbalanced pool water maintenance. There are two common types of scale that can affect pool surfaces; These include calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate

Calcium carbonate scale is driven by high pH. Other factors that contribute to its formation include high temperature and high calcium or carbonate concentrations in the water. Calcium carbonate is easier to remove compared to the other common type of scale.

Calcium phosphate scale is not driven by high pH. Calcium phosphate is not very soluble in water and a precipitate can form quickly.



Calcium is a necessary part of a proper pH balance. But that doesn’t mean your pool surface is doomed. Take a few easy steps to prevent scale from dimming the health and beauty of your pool surface.

First, know your source water calcium level. Once the pool is filled, the level should be monitored monthly.  The best prevention is maintaining a good water balance of the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness regularly.  Good filtration, a clean filter and weekly brushing will also keep scale from building up on the surface of the finish, tile and the equipment.



Treatment for scale depends on the severity of the build-up. If you notice the start of a scale formation, put an end to it by simply adding a scale preventative and monitoring the pH balance over the next few months.  If the calcium hardness is above 400 ppm, it may require a partial draining to dilute the water and aid in the scale removal.

In moderate to severe cases, drain the water and hire a professional to perform an acid wash. An acid wash dissolves the calcium buildup on the surface but if done incorrectly, it could also cause deterioration of the cement binder. PebbleTec products are blended with modifiers that can withstand an occasional acid treatment but it should only be done as a last resort.

Are you ready to update the appearance your pool surface? If your pool looks dull and boring, it’s time for a brand-new look. Contact a builder near you to get a beautiful long-lasting PTI® pool finish.  Add the Finishing Touches® Tile Collection which comes in a variety of beautiful colors to top off the waterline and steps of your pool.