Five Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean & Your PebbleTec Damage-Free

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Is Your Pool Ready for Summer?

With temperatures rising and travel itineraries TBD, it’s time to hit the pool! To ensure interruption-free swimming all summer long, we’ve compiled our top five tips to keep your pool clean and your PebbleTec pool finish damage-free.

Pool Cleaning Checklist

  • Check the pool chemistry: Test and balance the pool chemicals once or twice a week to ensure your pool is safe for swimming. If chlorine levels are low, use non-stabilized granular chlorine or liquid chlorine — formulated specifically for pools — to raise the chlorine level. You may also use tablets that slow the feed of chlorine into the pool for sanitation during the circulation process.
  • Clean out skimmer baskets: Floating debris on the pool’s surface can alter the chemical balance. We recommend cleaning skimmer baskets weekly. Additionally, keep chemicals like ironite and fertilizers away from the pool to prevent water contamination.
  • Keep an eye on the water level: Is it too high or too low? The water level needs to be just right for optimal results. Low water levels can run the pump dry and burn it up, while high levels could cause the door of the skimmer not to work properly.
  • Check the Ozonator: An Ozonator helps keep your water cleaner and easier to maintain. Plus, it reduces the need to use harsh chemicals. Make sure the light is on, and it is working. If the pool smells, this may be an indicator that you have no ozone generator.
  • Brush the interior: Brushing your PebbleTec pool surface weekly will help prevent the buildup of algae, minerals, mold, and other substances that are harmful to your pool.

For more on how to balance your pool’s chemicals, check out our blog on PebbleTec pool maintenance. For a full list of PebbleTec “do’s” and don’ts,” take a peek at our pool care instructions.