Winter Is Coming: Prepare Your Pool and Protect Your Pool Surface

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Pebble Tec pool surface and fire feature

As the temperature begins to drop and the sweaters make their way out of the closet, caring for your pool may become an afterthought. Depending on the climate of your city, the amount of winter pool preparation required will vary. If you live in a warmer climate, you may decide to keep your pool open year round, but if your pool water is subject to freezing, you should consider winterizing your pool. Following a proper maintenance routine will ensure your pool surface remains undamaged and will help the process when you begin returning your pool to a summer-ready condition.


What Can I Do To Mitigate?

There are steps that can be taken to avoid freeze-thaw damage; however, there is no absolute method ensuring against freeze-thaw damage even for pools that are winterized. Every pool environment is different and extreme weather conditions are unpredictable.

Though not guaranteed to prevent freeze-thaw damage, PTI strongly recommends that pool owners use pool covers and follow the APSP Winterizing Fact Sheet.


What Should I Do If I Have Freeze-Thaw Damage?

Freeze-thaw damage is an inherent risk of owning an in-ground pool. Consequently, the potential for incurring costly repairs exists. If the event of freeze-thaw damage, it may be possible to file a damage claim with your insurance company. For an estimate to repair the damage, contact your pool builder or your PTI licensed applicator for an inspection and determination of repair costs.

Just because your pool is out of commission for the winter, does not mean you can’t enjoy it year around. PTI offers outdoor elements that add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space. With the Fire + Water Elements collection you can admire the beautiful reflection of a fire feature’s flames on the water or use your new fire pit for entertaining. Available in multiple shapes and colors you can find the perfect accent to your PTI pool finish.

Depending on your climate, it’s important to follow the proper maintenance required to protect your pool surface throughout the winter. Summer will be back in no time and the steps you take now will make getting your pool ready significantly easier. For additional tips on pool maintenance, check out our pool care instructions to keep your pool surface protected all year long.