What Your PTI® Pool Surface Warranty Covers and How You Can Submit a Claim

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Pebble Technology International® (PTI) strives to provide every customer with the most beautiful, reliable pool finishes. Because of this dedication to customer satisfaction, PTI® will repair or replace any defective pool surface or Fire + Water Elements product under warranty. PTI® products are covered under one of three warranties. If you’re experiencing issues with one of your products, check out the warranty guidelines below to get back to enjoying your beautiful pool in no time.


1. Pool Finishes Workmanship Warranty


Our authorized builders and applicators are some of the best in the business, but accidents do happen. If you believe your pool surface defect is the result of a workmanship error, reach out to the builder or applicator directly. PTI® does not handle any warranty claims arising from workmanship errors. However, our authorized applicators will cover workmanship defects for a minimum of five years from the time of installation.


2. Material Warranty


If you believe your pool finish issue is the result of defective materials rather than workmanship errors, let us know. When submitting a claim, please provide details regarding the material defect as well as water chemistry maintenance documentation. PTI® will then evaluate your warranty claim. If the issue can be traced directly to the material, rather than any installation or maintenance errors, PTI® will arrange for the repair or replacement of the defective material. As with workmanship, material warranties last a minimum of five years from the date of installation. This limited residential warranty is nontransferable and applies only to the homeowner who purchased the PTI® product. Submit your claim in writing to PTI® to determine if your pool surface defect is covered.


3. Fire + Water Product Warranty


What about those breathtaking Fire + Water Elements you have in your backyard? Fire + Water products are covered under a 1-year limited residential warranty. Under this warranty, any damages caused by workmanship or defective materials reported within one year of purchase will be repaired. Removal and replacement costs are not covered under the warranty.

Submit your claim through the original dealer along with proof of purchase, date of purchase, and date of installation. The warranty request will then be forwarded to PTI® by the dealer and repairs will be coordinated as necessary. If a product is irreparable, PTI® will replace it with a new or refurbished unit to keep your pool area looking as polished as ever. Customers are required to pay shipping costs associated with replacement.


What Warranties Will Not Cover


Damages resulting from maintenance issues or the misuse or abuse of the product will not be covered under the warranty. Any attempts to repair or alter the product will also void the warranty. If you’re experiencing an issue with a PTI® product, reach out to a certified professional who can help you diagnose and address the cause.

Cement Fire + Water Elements are expected to develop hairline fractures over time, adding to the unique aesthetic of these products. This is not a manufacturing defect and, therefore, is not covered under the warranty. Additionally, calcium buildup is a solely cosmetic occurrence that poses no structural risk to the product. Warranties do not cover any effects of these surface deposits. A quick wash is usually enough to remove any buildup or temporary discoloration.

Metallic Fire + Water Elements are a fresh and modern way to enhance any pool area. However, exposure to pool water with an improper chemical balance may cause damage or discoloration. This is true for the metal itself as well as any finishes, such as powder coating, on the product. Exposure to such chemicals will void the warranty. Naturally occurring wear, like that of brass fittings, is also not covered under the warranty. Certain components are designed to be replaced as it extends the overall life of your Fire + Water Elements product.

If you are experiencing an issue with your PTI® pool surface, contact your builder or applicator or reach out to PTI® to discuss your warranty coverage.