Create A Mother’s Day Staycation, Just Don’t Forget The Outdoor Fire Pit

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How to Craft a Mother’s Day Staycation She Won’t Forget


If your typical Mother’s Day routine consists of breakfast in bed, flowers, and a nice card, this is the year to up the ante. While these are thoughtful gestures, why not show your mom or wife just how special she is with a full-blown staycation in your backyard. With some added touches and planning, as well as utilizing existing features like an outdoor fire pit and a pool fountain, the mom in your life will feel like she’s on a well-deserved vacation. Follow our tips below to make the perfect Mother’s Day staycation.


Make a Plan

First, make a list of all the things your mom likes to do. Is it cocktails by the pool, curling up with a good book, getting together with friends, or a combination? Craft the staycation around the activities she would plan if she had a whole day for herself. Make sure you know her favorite foods, drinks, flowers, music, and colors as these will all help make the day special.


Based on the types of activities you’re planning for, establish entertainment zones. Creating separate areas for different activities is a great way to maximize your outdoor space. Use furniture and outdoor throw rugs to differentiate between areas and arrange the zones with the senses in mind. Create a view by positioning chairs to face a tree or plant as opposed to a fence or side of the house. Set up near a blooming plant to highlight natural fragrances and use sound to set the mood ̶ think pool fountains, wind chimes, or music.


Clean up and Set up

Once you know what is going where, it is time to set up. Rinse off any outdoor furniture, clean the pool, and tackle all of those yard work chores. Clean off the grill, blow up any pool rafts, and get some fresh wood for the outdoor fire pit. Set up a bar by bringing a table or bar cart outside, and ensure it is stocked with your mom’s favorite beverages and snacks. Wash pool towels and set them near the pool for easy access.


It’s All in the Details

Customize the experience by adding details unique to your mom:

  • Add throw pillows in her favorite color to the outdoor furniture
  • Create a playlist of her favorite artists and songs
  • Buy a new book by her favorite author and leave it on her pool lounge chair
  • Create a signature cocktail for the day made with her favorite ingredients
  • Invite her closest friends over to join in on the fun
  • Buy all the ingredients to her favorite meal and prepare it while she is enjoying her day

All of these special details will make a staycation she won’t forget. Just be sure to include her favorite thing of all: her family. Get everyone involved by assigning roles: waiter, bartender, host, etc. to ensure mom has everything she could want on her staycation. Cap the night off by making s’mores around your outdoor fire pit as a family.


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