FAQ: Am I Getting a Real PebbleTec Pool Finish?

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Not all pebble pool finishes are genuine PebbleTec. So how do you know you are getting the real thing? Here are a few ways to ensure you don’t receive an alternative product: 


1. Request the PebbleTec finish by name: We offer four distinct finishes – PebbleTec®, PebbleSheen®, PebbleFina® and PebbleBrilliance®. Each finish line has a variety of shade options, all uniquely named.


2. Find a select builder or authorized applicator: Not everyone can install PebbleTec. Our hand-chosen builders and applicators have completed an extensive, 21-step onboarding process – providing you with the most talented and skilled professionals to ensure your project is a success. Search for a certified builder or authorized applicator by clicking here.


Not sure if you need a builder or an applicator? Here’s the difference:


If you’re looking for design changes on top of replacing your pool’s finish, you need a builder! Builders can turn virtually any vision into reality, from drafting designs to helping you select a water color, installing your pool, adding special patio features– and beyond.

Our authorized applicators go through extensive education to prove they have what it takes to APPLY PebbleTec. If you need help picking the right finish, your applicator also can help you with that.


3. Double check your contract: Ensure that the color and finish type noted on your contract is an approved finish listed on our website before installation. You can also view our finishes by downloading a brochure. 


4. Look at the material: During the installation of your pool finish, you can check the bags of material to verify that the Pebble Technology International logo and proper finish name are printed on them.


For more information, visit our FAQ page at https://pebbletec.com/faq-category/pti-difference.