Which New Concrete Fire Bowl Color and Finish is Right For You?

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Have you seen the amount of brand new Pebble Technology International® (PTI) Water +Fire Elements? It’s time to get your poolside ready for the new concrete fire bowls. With eight brand new colors and two finishes to choose from, there are sixteen concrete fire bowl options for you to choose from. These new products debuted last month and quickly joined the ranks of PTI® favorites like the classic hammered cooper outdoor fire pit.

With so many to choose from, how can you possibly make a decision? Don’t worry— our handy guide will make the choice easy on you.


Know Your Options

Ebony, Slate, Earthcast, Mossrock, Sienna, Nickel, Fossil, and Carrara: these eight exciting colors range from tones of black, brown, red, and white. You can combine these with two very different finish options.

The honed finish creates a tone-on-tone effect that achieves the look of smooth, satin stone. Meanwhile, the natural finish delivers the appearance of hand pressed textured stone.


Set the Stage

If you’re starting from scratch, consider the tone you want to set in your outdoor space. Calm or energetic? Modern or quirky? Colors can easily affect our emotions. If you’re looking for a calm approach, a Honed Slate may be your best bet. For a modern take, Natural Ebony will nicely set the scene.

Of course, you could always factor in the already existing surrounding scenery. Your new concrete fire bowl can blend in with the natural earth tones or stand out and draw the eye towards the pool.


Tie Into the Existing

For those you already have the perfect pool set up, you can easily bring another centerpiece into play. Since there are so many concrete fire bowls options available, you can pick and choose how to tie your new one into your existing color scheme.

Choose a complementary color by matching the concrete fire bowl to a favorite cushion or woven rug. You can even chose a color and finish that complements the outdoor fire pit you already own.

(Hint: We suggest Pebble Brilliance® Aqua Falls owners try pairing it with a Natural Carrara fire bowl for a rustic beach look.)

Alternatively, selecting monochromatic colors that blend into your pool setting can pull double-duty. During the day, the concrete fire bowl will blend into the scenery, but at night the flames will pack an extra wow.


Your Pool. Your Rules.

Good things come in two. Or threes. There’s nothing stopping you from selecting just one color and finish for just one concrete fire bowl.

In the end, you should always choose the color and finish that you want. PTI® strives to provide each pool owner with a variety of high-quality options so that their pool can be as customized and unique as they desire.

Can’t wait to order your new concrete fire bowl? Don’t worry. You can order online right now. Select your favorite color and finish styles to get started on crafting your best pool.