5 High-Tech Features to Include During Your Next Pool Remodeling Project

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negative edge pool with lake at sunsetWhen it comes to enjoying your swimming pool, high-tech toys are a must-have. Whether you are in the process of a pool remodeling project or planning your new pool, you can make a statement with accessories like Bluetooth speakers, motorized pool loungers, and so much more. Don’t know which to choose? Take a look at some of our favorite high-tech pool accessories to help you decide how to round out your design!

Motorized Pool Lounger
Do you want to relocate to the shade while skipping paddling altogether? Float there faster with a motorized swimming pool lounger! Simply push a joystick and the motor on the underside of the float lets you move around in the water with ease. Most models come with a cup holder while more sophisticated loungers even include a small cooler on the armrest and a foot bathing area if you’d like to get your feet wet.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t settle for having to listen to music from a tiny speaker all the way across the pool. Instead, jam out to your favorite tunes with a floating Bluetooth speaker. Most devices come with a built-in microphone so that you can easily adjust the volume, skip songs, play, and pause your music. If your phone is connected, you can even answer and make calls hands-free.

Poolside Movie Screen

Transform your poolscape into the summer hangout spot with an inflatable movie screen. You can throw on a movie, watch music videos, or even cheer on your favorite team all from the comfort of your very own pool. Setup is easy, and most screens support both front and rear projection. Guests can even enjoy a film after dark while sitting around a fire pit. Pebble Technology International’s® (PTI) cast stone fire pits offer a sleek, modern design that is perfect for any backyard resort style. What better way to spend a warm summer night?

Floating Pool Lights
Whether you’re throwing a backyard barbeque or formal event, floating pool lights provide a relaxing ambiance — and they’re sure to be a conversation starter! These decorative glowing orbs come in a variety of color combinations and create stunning visuals when reflecting off your pool plaster or pebble pool finish! You can even use them as luminaries along pathways and on tabletops for additional lighting. Most models come with rechargeable batteries, but some are solar-powered and will turn on automatically once the sun goes down. You can also add a floating LED fountain into the mix for an added wow factor.

Towel Warmer
Who doesn’t love the simple luxury of a warm towel when getting out of the pool or spa? Simply plug it in on the patio and enjoy the cozy embrace of a nice, warm towel when you are ready to retire for the evening. What’s great about a towel warmer is they are portable, so you can place it anywhere in the home when you are not using it in your backyard poolscape! Many models even have an auto-shutoff feature, so you’ll never have to worry about anything overheating.

Are you looking for unique pool accessories to enjoy in your pool? Incorporating high-tech living into your next pool remodeling project is the perfect way to create a modern space everyone can enjoy! Explore our inventory of stunning outdoor elements to round out your perfect backyard design with an extra touch of elegance!