Looking for Pool Remodel Inspiration? Focus on The Details

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Swimming pool fountains can be either the main focus of or accent to your pool’s design.

Coming up with the perfect design for your pool remodel can be exhausting. However, inspiration is all around you if you know where to look. Small details like texture and shape can set the tone for your pool’s aesthetic. Let the elegance of a Pebble Technology International® (PTI) swimming pool fountain or copper fire bowl inspire your next remodel.

Although there is plenty of inspiration to be found online, from before and after photos to a gallery of modern pools, the best remodeling inspiration comes from you. Only you know what you really want for your pool. That’s why PTI® offer customers a wide variety of options for every product. No matter how you want your pool to look, our line of products will match your remodeling vision.

If you’re trying to narrow down the tone of your remodel, here’s a few easy ways to figure out what it is you really want for your future pool.


Understand Your Space

The space of your pool doesn’t stop at the borders. Pay attention to the pre-remodel space and shape of things. Consider the space of your deck, the space inside your pool, and the way its shape fits into the landscape. Which areas give you the most problems, and which do you absolutely love? Make a list of both then weigh your options. A larger pool will reduce deck space, but a smaller pool can be a tight fit if you have a lot of guests.

Do you want to break up the lines of your pool? A wide open pool is great for those who want to do laps, but a pool that is sectioned off by a hot tub area or swimming pool fountains is perfect for those who want to break up activities.


Blend In With Water Elements

PTI® Water Elements will help your pool blend into the landscape. One, two, or even a series of swimming pool fountains will promote a peaceful, serene environment. Whether you want your remodeled pool to blend into a natural oceanfront view or create its own little oasis in the desert, a sparkling stream of flowing water will boost any pool’s calming aesthetic.


Stand Out With Fire Elements

Do you absolutely love the classic PTI® copper fire bowl? Think about why you do. Other than the high-quality, functional aspects, what about a copper fire bowl speaks to you? If your answer is its rustic, earthy tone, then you know that’s the color scheme your future pool needs.

How about the new cast stone fire pit? The rectangle design is optimized for viewing, yet it also fosters an amazing modern aesthetic when paired with a rectangle pool. Want to see for yourself? Check out the PTI® inspiration gallery to see how our Fire + Water Elements have been matched with pools.

Make a PTI® copper fire bowl or cast stone fire pit light up the space. Set up multiple ones around the deck so that there’s more for everyone to love.

Between PTI® classic swimming pool fountains and modern copper fire bowls, your remodeling options are endless. Now that you’ve got plenty of design inspiration, the plans for your future pool design should be developing crystal clear in your mind’s eye. Find the builder nearest you to get started on your pool remodel.