6 Unique Items to Style Your Poolside This Summer

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While there’s a lot of emphasis on the pool itself, there’s still a lot to be said for the poolside area. Lounging on a comfy recliner between two outdoor fire pits, watching friends and family splash under a swimming pool fountain, is just as relaxing as being in the water.

With opening season upon us, now is a good time to take a look around your pool area. Does the sight make you happy? Would friends coming over be in awe of the setting? If the answer is no, you can step up your poolside game with these unique and functional decorations that are sure to wow.


Let the Snacks Float to You

DIY a floating drink or food tray. It’s easy, fast, and completely customizable. Spray paint a tray to match your Pebble Technology International® (PTI) pool surface and the tray will blend in, giving the illusion of a magical food and drink bar. Or go bold to make it easier to spot as it floats your way.


Get Toasty

PTI® outdoor fire pits add instant class to every poolside area. Roast marshmallows for a sweet snack after a long day out in the sun, and snuggle up next to the crackling fire as you stargaze. Set a fresh batch of s’mores on your new food tray and let it drift toward your friends and family who haven’t left the pool yet.


Hide the Mess

The cords hanging around your TV aren’t the only unsightly technical props. Filtration and heating systems can be an eyesore that distract from the beauty of an otherwise flawless poolside. Hide the systems with a customized panel. There are plenty of options to match every style and size. Hint: Use whitewashed panels to create an oceanfront vibe.


Add Some Privacy

Set aside a corner to create a privacy area where guests can rinse off and change out of their swimsuits. A shower or changing station doesn’t require a lot of space and you’ll appreciate that guests can dry off before heading into your house. After, they can sit beside an outdoor fire pit and warm up.


Bring in Nature

Decorate any empty spots with a potted plant. Bright flowers will add a splash of color to the scene. Strategically place bird feeders around the area, and you’ll have a few new feathery friends to gaze at as you float under the sun.


Make a Splash

Enhance the atmosphere with one or two PTI® water fountains. There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water, especially on a warm sunny day. Let the ripple of the water fountains gently move you across the pool surface.

Don’t let a drab poolside ruin your time. Set up your new outdoor fire pit, stock up on marshmallows, and fill that drink tray. Your pool will be the epitome of luxury with these unique trends.

Do you have questions about installing a PTI® water fountain? Contact us, we’ll be glad to help liven up your pool with an array of PTI® Fire + Water Elements.