Budget A Pool Renovation to Include Every Pebble Tec Element

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Budgeting a pool renovation can be complicated. Of course, you already have a ballpark estimate of how much your new pool finish will cost. Yet, you know it would be wise to save some room in your budget for any unexpected issues or last minute changes. But how much? Pebble Technology International® (PTI) understands that pool renovations are a big undertaking. Here’s the best budgeting practice we’ve gained from years of experience.


Keeping Up With the Time

An average, a standard pool finish will deteriorate until it requires a total replacement about once every 10 to 15 years. (FYI: Every PTI® owner can register their pool finish product for a 5 year warranty starting from the date of installation.) Aside from the natural wear and tear of time, styles change. Homeowners change. So it’s not surprising to the pool renovation industry when a pool is resurfaced long before it actually starts to show major signs of deteriorating.

The best method to budget for a pool renovation is to plan ahead. If you already have a pool, you should set aside a renovation budget and add to it whenever possible. This way, when it’s time to get started, you won’t have to worry about any financial constraints.

But how much?

The average cost of a complete pool renovation will be determined by many factors. Ranging anywhere from a couple thousand to more than fifteen thousand, it is important to get quotes from one of our preferred pool builders.


What’s in the Budget?

Your cost depends on a two key factors: the size of the pool and the scope of work to be completed. A PTI certified builder will be happy to explain the itemized cost of your dream pool renovation project.

Minor repairs will cost less and only take a few days to complete. Little repairs, such as replacing a few broken or loose waterline titles will only cost a few hundred to a thousand. Others, like a water filter upgrade, should only cost around five hundred.

A total pool renovation will costs much more and take several months to complete. When we say total, we mean patching and resurfacing with a new pool finish, installing filtration and heating, adding lights, and adding a few decorative touches on a moderately sized pool.


Additional Pool Elements

Extra special additions or renovations will bump up your budget, but they will also increase the return on investment if you are considering selling in the future. Salt-water hot tubs, deck resurfacing, and infinity edging will boost the level of your pool’s sophistication. It will also take a lot of time to complete.

However, the most popular renovation touches don’t necessarily require a huge demolition team to be extravagant. Tasteful updates such as Fire + Water Elements will make your pool look brand new and top of the line.

Are you ready to start seriously planning for you future pool renovation? Contact a builder near you to get a quote on a beautiful long-lasting PTI® pool finish.