Planning Your New Pool Build: Swimming Pool Fountains, Finishes, and All

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Thinking of building a new pool.

From the first steps of drawing up your dream design to constructing all those extra features like swimming pool fountains and slides, building a new pool is an extensive process. It’s helpful to know what to expect during building both in preparation for the process and to help ensure your project is staying on track. We’ve got your basic outline for each step along the way to help you plan for your complete pool build.


Planning Your Pool Build
The average pool build takes around 6-10 weeks. However, the actual timeline of your build will vary based on many factors including size, shape, and added features. Any issues that may arise during building, whether they be with obtaining permits or installing plumbing or electrical, may also extend the timeline of your project. Pool building is a fairly large-scale construction project. Because of this, your backyard will likely be out of commission for the full duration of the build.

The first step to consider when looking to build a new pool is finding a builder. Pebble Technology International® (PTI) has a network of trusted builders all ready to help you create the new pool of your dreams. You might want to meet with a few different builders to discuss the features you’re looking for in your new pool. From size, shape, and depth to swimming pool fountains and finishes, all your desired features will be worked into a proposed design and price quote. Comparing different builders’ offerings can help you narrow down which company best fits your needs.

After a builder has been selected and a design concept reached, the builder will visit your home to map the layout of your specific location. This survey will help the contractor determine the best options for pool placement, size, and orientation in order to plan the build. These details will then be compiled into a complete proposal showing you exactly what your new pool will look like in your yard.

Before any building can take place, certain permits and clearances must be obtained. Your builder will handle all the necessary building permits—either by obtaining them directly or coordinating with any additional contractors requiring permits. HOA clearances, on the other hand, are generally the responsibility of the homeowner.


The Building Process
Now it’s time to start digging. Large machines will be brought in to excavate the shape of your future pool. After the space has been carved out, structural steel is installed to reinforce the ditch. This creates the skeleton that will support your pool. Plumbing for drains, skimmers, spa jets, and more will also be added during this stage. Additionally, your builder will coordinate with a contractor to install the electrical and gas components necessary for any lighting or heating features incorporated in your design.

A first round of inspections must take place to ensure the interior of the pool is structurally sound before moving forward. If everything checks out, it’s time for your pool to get its shell. Your contractor will spray either shotcrete or gunite around the pool to create the initial surface. Homeowners are more involved in this step of the process as they generally have to water cure the shell to ensure proper setting. This entails spraying the shell a few times a day to help create a solid foundation.

Tiling comes next and, with it, the addition of any swimming pool fountains, waterfalls, or other rock features you may have added to your design. After tiles are placed along the waterline, the builder will then add coping around the top of the pool. This coping helps differentiate between the pool structure itself and the surrounding deck area installed during the following step. After one final inspection, your builder will clean up and remove all equipment from the area.

While the building itself may be over, there is still one step left until your dream pool is complete—the finish. All of our authorized pool builders are trained in applying pebble pool finishes. With an extensive array of beautiful surfaces to choose from, PTI® makes it easy to create the perfect look for your backyard resort.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to fill up your beautiful new pool and take it for a swim!

If you’re planning a pool build, check out PTI®’s expansive inventory of pool finishes perfectly suited to complement your swimming pool fountains and features and enhance the overall look of your pool design!