Fall is Prime Time for Pool Remodels

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Famous for cooler weather and pumpkin spice, fall is also secretly the best time of year to remodel your pool. Here are our top five reasons why scheduling your pool remodel during autumn months can set you up for a stress-free experience.


1. You Don’t Lose TIme

As days and nights get cooler, many people are not using their pool as much – even if it has a heater. Fall pool renovations maximize your personal pool season because you won’t miss as much pool time as you would in warmer months.


2. Builders and Applicators Have Availability

When spring rolls around, many homeowners are rushing to have their pools renovated. This means that pool renovation companies might not have time to squeeze in your pool remodel or work around your schedule. Come fall, companies who were booked during the warmer months have more time to take on your remodel.


3. There’s No Holiday Rush

The pressure to complete a renovation project in time for a holiday party is completely off during fall! Take the stress off by starting early with plenty of time before your invites go out.


4. Ideas and Inspiration Are Fresh in Your Mind

Summer memories are still in your mind, and so are the times you looked at your pool and thought about what you wished was different.

5. It’s Easier on Your Landscaping

Flowers are fading and vegetables have slowed their growth. A pool renovation can take a toll on plants so if you renovate your pool during fall, you don’t have to worry about your actively growing garden.

Getting Started

So how do you find a Certified PebbleTec in your area? Easy! Visit our Find a Builder Page and search our directory of experts by zip. Our builders are eager to walk you through the pool renovation process and help you transform your current pool.