The PebbleTec Pool Resurfacing Process for Remodels & New Pools

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Wondering how the PebbleTec application process works? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we are breaking down everything to expect during the PTI® pool resurfacing process.


The PebbleTec Pool Finish Application Process for New Pools and Remodels
Step 1: Prep the Pool for Application

For pool remodels, your applicator will strip off the existing surface to create a smooth, blank canvas for the new finish.


Step 2: Mix it Up

After the pool surface has been prepped, your applicator will mix up your finish.


Step 3: Spray

In this step, your applicator will use a pneumatic spray applicator or other specialty equipment to shoot the PebbleTec material through a hose and onto the pool surface. This application technique ensures even, consistent coverage. Immediately after application, your authorized applicator will hand towel the material to properly secure the pebble mixture.


Step 4: Expose the Finish

Next, your PebbleTec applicator will spray the pool with water or wipe it down to remove any excess cement from the surface. This process may vary depending on your finish type (PebbleTec, PebbleSheen, PebbleBrilliance or PebbleFina). For example, glass finishes typically require different exposure methods compared to pebble finishes. Whatever finish you’ve chosen, PebbleTec authorized applicators are trained to apply each finish using the most effective techniques to ensure the best possible result.


Step 5: Set & Harden

The finish is left to set and harden. The specific details for how long the material needs to sit will depend on the type of finish you’ve selected.


Step 6: Pressure Wash & Detail

A special acid solution is used to create a clean finish free of any excess residue or film left behind by the application process.


Once detailing is finished, the application process is complete and it’s time to fill up the pool. Be sure to properly balance chemicals prior to diving in!


To find an authorized PebbleTec applicator in your area, visit our Find a Builder search tool. Here you will be connected with our expansive directory of certified applicators, all easily searchable by zip code.