The Most Important Step In A Successful Pool Renovation is Using A Preferred Builder

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PebbleTec® Bead Crete pool renovation in Laguna

The winter months are the perfect time to plan to update your pool coating with a pool renovation. By renovating during the off season you can ensure your new pool will be ready to host a pool party by the summer. Additionally, starting the process in the cooler months can you help you land the right fit for the most important decision in your renovation process: a pool builder. The off-season is a slower time in the industry so you will have a better selection of builders.

A builder can truly make the difference on whether you’re happy with the outcome of a pool renovation or not. If you are interested in updating your pool coating to a pebble finish, Pebble Technology International® (PTI) can help you find preferred builders or authorized applicators in your area. Part of what makes PTI® the maker of five star pool finishes is the hand-selected preferred builders and authorized applicators that are put through a rigorous on-boarding process to provide the most talented and skilled professionals to install a Pebble Technology pool finishes. Take your time to find the builder that is right for you by visiting their website, reading customer reviews, and reviewing their project gallery or visiting their showroom.

Once you’ve selected a builder you will have the opportunity to discuss your pool renovation in detail with them and share any inspirational photos you have. Checkout the PTI® Gallery and World’s Greatest Pools flipbooks to get the creativity flowing. The next phase will include scheduling a site visit with your selected builder, selecting materials, and agreeing to the estimate.

Then the fun begins with the application process:

  1. Mixing the batch formal. PTI® authorized applicators follow a specific recipe to produce a well-blended material ready for installation.
  2. Pneumatic spray application. The mixed formula is pumped through a hose and applied to your pool coating to provide even coverage.
  3. Hand troweling. Immediately following the spray application, the installer hand-trowels the material to create an even and level surface.
  4. Exposing the finish. The pool is sprayed or wiped with water to expose the pebbles and/or glass beads and remove excess cement.
  5. Detail of the finish. After the finish hardens, the pool finish will be pressure washed and detailed with a special acid solution to remove residue.
  6. Once your pebble pool finish installation process is complete, fill the pool with water, reference the PTI® pool care instructions, balance the chemicals, and begin swimming!

The techniques used by PTI® authorized applicators guarantees a beautiful and durable pool finish that is sure to compliment your backyard. Additionally, a comprehensive protection plan — including support from a fast-acting customer service team and the most experienced quality check department in the industry — is included when you use an authorized applicator or preferred builder.

If you’re tired of your worn out pool coating and want to make a big splash next summer, use these cooler months to update your pool. Selecting a PTI® authorized applicator will ensure you have the best-quality pool renovation that will exceed your expectations. Find a PTI® preferred builder or authorized applicator today.